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Solo Exhibition at Leonard R. Craig Gallery - dm witman

Solo Exhibition at Leonard R. Craig Gallery

Please join me for the opening reception at the Leonard R. Craig Gallery, Unity College Center for the Performing Arts: Thursday, March 12th 5 – 7pm. Exhibition runs through April 18th.


This exhibition is part of The Maine Photo Project, A Statewide Photography Collaboration in 2015.

Dr. Alan Lightman wrote an introduction to the work, he notes,  “… Witman has taken a minimalist view of the art of photography. Not only has she dispensed with the lens of the camera. … And rather than impose lines and shadows on that film by her own design, she has chosen the commonplace slug – surely one of the slightest and most humble animals on earth – as her agent and accomplice. Her paintbrush is a living creature, and the image is created over time, unpredictably, as the that creature goes about its business of crawling, eating, defecating, unaware that it is achieving a bit of immortality in the traces it leaves behind.”

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