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Ways of Being

I am obsessed with themes of ephemerality, biology, synergy, and finding a way to make the intangible tangible, a consequence of both my art and scientific trainings and curious nature. My way of working is very experiential. While I am out in the woods, I am inspired by the feeling of the place, both literally and figuratively, leading me to cover my body in moss, or plunge into the sea.  This investigation of place and time leads to a synergy- a merging of  the landscape’s memory and its biology into the present – creating something new.

I work with the pinhole camera because of it’s capacity to share this synergy. Moving the shim across the pinhole to allow the light in, for the moment  (seconds, minutes, or hours) to record on the film has become ritual. Metamorphosis is a frequent consequence of the process, with unexpected forms slowly emerging and un/becoming. A measure of existence, a rhythm with the Earth’s breath, a communion with the crust of dead leaves and soil that give life and shape to my imagination and being.

These images were created in camera with one negative exposed using a large format pinhole camera. Each image is printed in a limited edition of 10.