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Supercluster Arion and Other Phenomena

With Supercluster Arion and Other Phenomena I continue to explores my themes of obsession – ephemerality, biology, synergy, and finding a way to make the intangible tangible.  Over the course of two years, I worked with common slugs directly on silver photographic paper. The process involved nightly slug hunting trips into the woods, followed by late night darkroom sessions. (No slugs were harmed in the making of the images). Each image is unique and cannot be recreated- each a singular object, and yet part of the collective, across time. Each image is unique mounted to anodized aluminum

Dr. Alan Lightman (author of “Einstein’s Dreams”) wrote an introduction to the work,

“… We are thrust into this cosmic sensorium with a brain, a special arrangement of carbon and oxygen and hydrogen atoms that has miraculously developed an awareness of itself and the capacity to think. And with that thinking comes the desperate need to understand. We want to know what it all means. Surely, the cosmos must mean something, our lives must mean something.”


Behind the Scenes of Supercluster Arion and Other Phenomena from dmwitman on Vimeo.