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2016 Workshops



~ Feb 20th – Feb 21st & March 19th – March 20th: 2-Day Lightroom Intensive @ Maine Media Workshops…In this intensive, information packed 2-day workshop, students learn how to develop an efficient image management workflow using Lightroom as a foundation.


~ July 17th – July 23rd: B&W Darkroom with Digital Negatives @ Maine Media Workshops… Get back to the silver darkroom with digital capture and digital negs.


~ July 24th – July 30th: B&W Darkroom Mentoring @ Maine Media Workshops…This week will provide individuals with the opportunity to work in the darkroom for a week of guided printing, discussion, and community.


~ July 31st – Aug 13th: Young Scholastic Portfolio Development @ Maine Media Workshops…Two whole weeks! It’s your time to develop a portfolio to prepare for your academic and creative applications through class discussion, lots of field work for picture-making, and lab time. Image by 2015 student Isabel Butler.